Shashi K Paul

Shashi K Paul

Shashi Kr. Paul: A multifaceted artist in whom the love and skill of sculpture are inherent. It would not be false to say that he is a ‘master of all trades’. Sculptures, murals, installations are some of the art forms that he excels at. With a diploma in Art appreciation from National Museum, Delhi, this young man from a small town of Deoghar, Jharkhand, came to Delhi to pursue his dream and has not looked back ever since.

Strong lines, sharply fluid movements, a feeling of freedom and space is what has been created by the ingeniously balanced figures in joyous dancing compositions and wondering delight is the view’s reaction to Shashi’s work.

His compositions are a fusion of fragility and strength, an oxymoron it may seem, but in case of Shashi’s sculptures, true. Sturdy lines, sharp bends which turn without warning, a sense of freedom and space describe his creations. Despite complexity of his compositions, the figures are ingeniously balanced, reflecting the joy and delight that personifies the artist himself.

His focus in the present show is man’s innate desire to free himself of earthbound shackles and the longing to do so, combined with the confident leaps of the dancers, who in other forms are symbolized by the imagery of flying birds and butterflies, fully express the same.

At present working in the Sculpture Department, Triveni Kala Sangam, New Delhi, he has displayed his work in a number of solo and group shows in Delhi, Banglore, Mumbai, Jaipur and his native Deoghar, and his work has been acclaimed both by critics and art lovers… and is in collections in India & abroad.

Sculptures by Shashi K Paul

Shashi K Paul Sculptures


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