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Sculpting Classes

Ms.Saroj Jain, a renowned sculptor and artist, who has been teaching the amazing art of clay modeling and Sculpting, through classes at Triveni Kala Sangam. Her vast experience and insight promises a colorful journey into a Three Dimensional play of forms and spaces which appear simple yet leave a deep impact and convey a subtle yet profound experience to the intellectual soul. Saroj Jain, is an oasis of Art in the middle of bustling city of Delhi.

Classes Venue: The Sculpting Department, Basement at the Triveni Kala Sangam, Tansen Marg, Mandi House, New Delhi-1.

Duration: Ms. Saroj Jain believes that Sculpting and Clay Modeling is an art form that explores your body and mind co-ordination. It is an evolution over time and hence there is no set duration for the course. You may continue till you feel confident. Many of her students have continued the classes for over a decade and have evolved as amazing artists.

Class Timings: Regular Classes are held on Alternate Days – Monday, Wednesday &  Saturday – 11 am till 1 pm.

Saturday Only Classes for working professionals – 2 pm till 4 pm.

Course Fee: Registration Amount Rs.1000/-  Monthly Fee – Rs. 1500/- Only.

Admission Process: For admission you may call at 09811688591 and fix and appointment with Ms. Saroj Jain, before visiting her at Triveni Kala Sangam. You will be interviewed and accessed before being allowed to join the classes. If accepted, you can pay the registration and monthly fee in advance.

Student Reviews:

Madhulika Jha – “I have been attending Sculpting Classes for more than 15 years now, and I have achieved much here. As one learns and slowly absorbs the techniques of clay modeling and sculpting, it transforms one to reach a state of meditative silence and calm. Ms.Saroj Jain has been a constant guide through out these years and having shared much time with her I have come to a realization that she is a true genius and a master artist, the likes of which are rarely found in these times. The classes have transformed me to the core and I am thankful for her presence in my life”

Subha Ramachandran – “ I joined BFA last year and joined sculpting classes at Triveni Kala Sangam few months back as my seniors recommended these whole heartedly. I started with basics and have now moved to making simple figures. Ms.Saroj Jain has been very helpful and supportive while helping me understand the techniques as I have never really done this before. Time flies by when I am here and 2 hours seems like just minutes here. I carry the images of sculptures in my head and often find myself adoringly looking at my works.. its amazing really”

Mona Singh –“ I am a 3D animator and have spent 3 years as executive level. My boss suggested that I learn to make models as it will come helpful in getting better opportunities, so I joined Ms.Saroj Jain’s Clay Modeling Classes. That was 2 years back and now I am so hooked to this wonderful art that I can’t stop myself from coming here. I like the silence and the calm that has come into me. From someone who could hardly appreciate works of artists, I find myself grown in depth, understanding and a sensitive human being.Thanks to Saroj Mam for being there. Its rarely that one gets to meet such a master, let alone get to learn their craft.”

Sameer Mehta – “I spent just 3 months doing clay modeling classes and I yearn to get some time out of my hectic life to go back and continue the same again. It was in 2010 while doing vipassana, I kept going back to my childhood wish to make sculptures and after a brief search reached Ms.Saroj Jain. She was kind enough to let me join her classes and what a shock it was to me when I found myself making highly detailed and life like figures from the very start, without any training or background. It was as if some silent rivers was flowing out of my soul. It was home coming to me and I stay indebted to Saroj Ma’am for making this possible. “

Anjali Sharma – “ Saroj Mam is a quiet and very calm person. She has been a guide and mentor to all her students. When I joined her classes some 5 years back, I was much into painting and music. Sculpting brought to me a whole new perspective to life. Its not about anything, but much about you, your thinking and how well your body co-ordinates to create a reflection in clay. The process is learning about yourself, about movement, about your hands, your mind and about spaces. It is an enchanting journey that opens doors to treasures within yourself. I have matured much and have understood more about myself than I ever did before joining the classes.”

Purnima Dhingra – “The classes are good, the material is available and you only need to get the clay modeling kit which is available at most places for small amount and you can start your work. The classes are for 2-3 hours on alternate days and for professionals its on Saturdays, which is convenient for me. My hectic life leaves little space for myself, so this comes as a treat to myself. I joined classes 3 years back and attend only on Saturdays. My job as CEO is stressful and ever demanding and this small detour make my life cool and normal, just the way I want it. I would recommend it to one and all..”

The Location

Triveni Kala Sangam Location

Triveni Kala Sangam is a short walk from the Metro Station at Mandi House.

Contact Ms.Saroj Jain: Phone : 09811688591 | Email Id:

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