Online Exhibitions

In the world of today, Internet is the new marketplace. Internet has opened a virtual space for all kinds of business. It is a space without borders and is truly global. Internet is a heaven for artists to reach out to the whole world and showcase their works, connect with international galleries, art connoisseurs, critics and sellers. India Art Gallery leads the way in promoting Indian Artists via our Online Art Gallery.

If you are an Artist and wish to reach maximum number of people at affordable prices then consider hosting your Online Art Exhibition on India Art Gallery. Given below are details on our Online Exhibitions.

Who can exhibit? All artists – painters, sculptors, photographers, etc, can display works on the India Art Gallery.

What is the advantage? When you exhibit your work in our online gallery, we will market it for you, via our vast online networks and get it noticed by global audience.

How will i connect with clients? People who wish to buy your works will contact you directly by phone or by email.

What commission do i pay per sale? India Art Gallery does not charge any commissions on the sale of your works.

What is the minimum duration I can book the online gallery? You can book our online galley for a minimum of 1 Month.

What are the charges? The charges for hosting an online exhibition on India Art Gallery start at Rs.5000/- Per Month.

How many works can i display? You can showcase a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 30 works in an exhibition.

Do i need to send my works to you? No, to showcase your works online, we will need good quality, well lit, high resolution pictures with details of material, dimensions, etc. Your original works remain with you.

What else do i need to share? Your profile picture, your bio-data and your contact details.

How do i pay? Payment can be made online via bank transfer. We will share bank details after booking confirmation.

How can i book my online exhibition? Call us at +91 9899379529 / +91 9873252660 or fill contact form on our Contact Us page.

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