Kusum Jain

Kusum Jain
About Ms.Kusum Jain: Art is for the sake of art . It is  the space for beauty, truth and goodness. Sculpture to her   is a form of self-expression. Her work is semi realistic which portray  human emotions and feelings like unconditional love, happiness, which basically emanates from her  imagination.
Her  sculptures are inspired by people around  her  . Each of  her  work is personal and allows you to decide its meaning .She  depicts  many emotions through different gestures from happiness to pain. An intimate line of figurative sculptures that speaks in quiet way to endear  , to love   to protect and inspire  .Sculpture is her  medium to transfer a message. For the viewer something different and fascinating is presented from every angle and every change of light.  Especially due to the interesting  shapes in  her  abstract sculptures.  Most of the time she makes   sculpture about woman.  Her  work depicts  her  interest in the centrality of woman. The recent spate of reports of violence against women which shows their  aggressive nature , gentle submissive quality and her emotional aspect is  shown through  her work .
Delhi based renowned  sculpture artist  Kusum Jain qualified with Bachelor Of Arts from Miranda House , Delhi University. Kusum Jain’s sculptures have evolved into fresh new dimensions with her mixed media abstractions. Both bronze and fiber bring a multitude of expressions to her creations.
For the viewer, something different and fascinating is presented from every angle and every change of light, especially so due to the sculptor’s intriguing use of sinuous shapes in her abstract sculptures. The pieces reflects the artist’s fascination with subtractive methods of sculpting and is an apt example of her highly abstracted approach to the human figure. As in most of her work, there is a primitive emotive quality to the figure.
The purpose of her work is to provoke a perceptual, internal, and intellectual response in the viewer. As she works through the creative process, she is able to draw upon the subconscious of her experience in order to interpret gesture, form, energy, pleasure, and pain.  Each piece gives delight to the eye and touch, and seems imbued with a life of its own. Delicately poised on a minute footprint, there is a sense of tension…there’s mystery…there’s surprise.
Sculptures by Ms.Kusum Jain
Kusum Jain
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