Geeta Juneja

Geeta Juneja

Geeta Juneja is a graduate in B.A. Honours (English) and had also done a PG diploma in interior design. She started her career as a designer in her husband’s handicraft and brass hardware export house. Always being interested in art, architecture, culture and nature she was pursuing her hobbies of painting, sketching & photography from a very young age. She joined Triveni Kala Sangam to pursue her hobby of painting but, after one visit to the sculpture studio, she knew she belonged there.

Geeta found her passion in this form of art! Her initial pieces were made in clay, after she moved on to cast bronze and now she specializes in cast fiberglass.

Her style is abstract human figures and heads that express various human emotions as she has merged her fascination for human form and emotions in her work.Geeta Juneja’s abstracts are sensuous and suggestive,her works are inspired by her own thoughts and moods.She is an artist who traverses the regime of abstraction. The intrinsic individuality shapes and compositions is what defines her work. Somewhere it gives the viewer an impression of assemblage as seen in “The Aristocrat”, “The Soul mates” and others,which then is rendered in a very subdued surface. Her works are essentially bold. The viewer gazes into the multitude of distorted features in sync with each other and defined, leading to subjective interpretation…the emphasis is not only on expression but also on the spaces and forms which creates an aura of its own. Like all artists, her sculptures have a piece of her since she tends to portray her feelings through her work.

Geeta Juneja’s work is displayed more privately and in group shows at Sahitya Kala Academy and Triveni Kala Sangam.Her sculptures grace the homes and offices of art lovers in India and Abroad.

Sculptures by Ms.Geeta Juneja

Geeta Juneja

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