Given below are Frequently Asked Questions and their answers. If you have a query which is not answered here, please contact us. We will do our best to answer it.

Q: What is India Art Gallery?

A: It is an online art gallery where Indian Artists can showcase their works on the Internet.

Q: Is it for all Art Forms?

A: Yes India Art Gallery is for all artists and art forms like Painting, Pottery, Sculpting, Music, Dance, Theater, etc.

Q: Where can i get details about your Online Exhibitions?

A: Please visit Online Exhibitions

Q: How can i book India Art Gallery for my online exhibition?

A:  Call 9899379529 / 9873252660

Q: What is Online Artist Promotion Services?

A: Online Artist Promotion Services are our paid internet marketing services in which we promote artists online and market their profile & creative works, connecting with global buyers directly and helping artists sell and that too without paying any commission to us.

Q: Where can i get complete details on Online Artist Promotion Services?

A: You can find details at Artist Promotion Services

Q: What is the advantage of Online Artist Promotion Services?

A: The advantage is reach – marketing connects you with thousands of people interested in art, which translates to sales queries, sales. There is also recognition, branding and value creation which adds value to your name and work.

Q: Who are the artists associated with India Art Gallery?

A: We are currently promoting the following well known artists.

Q: How can i pay?

A: We will share our account details upon your confirmation.

Q: How can i contact you?

A: Call: 9899379529 or via form: Contact Us