Artist Promotion Services

Artist Promotion Services

India Art Gallery is a unit of Digital Marketing Services India

We are a leading Digital Marketing agency based in New Delhi, specializing in online campaigns. India Art Gallery is one of our ventures which offers professional internet marketing services to Artists. Those artists who take these services are promoted via India Art Gallery’s vast online network. The marketing services highlight the artist and works across various online platforms in forms of presentations, videos and pdfs bringing in more views and exposure.

The advantages:

  1. Get global views on your profile, works and get connected with international audience.
  2. Enhanced brand value and awareness. Get recognized.
  3. Get in touch with buyers directly. No mediators/ agents involved.
  4. Zero commissions by India Art Gallery.
  5. Nominal annual fee – Totally hassle free!

Cost: The cost of 1 year artist promotion services is Rs.24000/-.

If you have any queries please Contact Mr.Sameer at 9899379529.

Terms: The full payment will be in advance. Please note that India Art Gallery does not promote copies, or exhibit works that are “inspired” by works of other artists. We do not encourage such acts and keep the right to remove the profile and all works displayed on the website. In such a case, India Art Gallery will not refund the fee.

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