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Sculpture occupies real space like we do… you walk around it and relate to it almost as another person or another object – Chuck Close
It is amazing to observe what all a fertile mind can create out of thoughts, feelings and emotions. It is this silent form which has the potential to communicate with us at the highest levels of intelligence and help us evolve beyond our being. These magical creations are the peak of human expression. The source of these creations is not science, but soul.

India Art Gallery is proud to feature the creative works of India’s top sculptures on this page. The name of the artists are: Ms.Saroj jain, Ms.Madhulika Jha, Ms.Kumud Grover, Mr.Kusum Jain, Ms.Geeta Juneja and Ms.Sunita Lamba. You can go browse through these beautiful creations and get in touch with the artists directly for purchase related queries.

Sculptures by Ms.Saroj Jain

Contact Details: Phone : 09811688591 | Email Id:

Saroj Jain

Sculptures by Ms.Madhulika Jha

Contact Details: Phone No:  95120 – 2536940 &  +91 9810578701 | Email:

Madhulika Jha

Sculptures by Ms.Kumud Grover

Contact Details: Phone: 011-26526657, 09810792351 | Email ID

Kumud Grover

Sculptures by Ms.Kusum Jain

Contact Details; Phone No.: +91 9891988666 Email ID:
Kusum Jain
Sculptures by Ms.Prem Lata Sarkar
Contact Details: Mobile: 9818183723 | Email ID:
Prem Lata Sarkar
Sculptures by Ms.Geeta Juneja
Contact Details: Phone No:  +919811053777 | Email:
Geeta Juneja

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The Art Shop at India Art Galley is where the artists can showcase their works of art and buyers can browse through the collection and purchase whatever they want directly from the artists. India Art Galley offers a good opportunity to artists to sell their creative expression through the Art Shop. Artists can Register on India Art Galley to get their works listed in the Art Shop. Please visit the Registration page for further details.

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