Art Marketing

Art Marketing

Looking for ways to promote business?

The world of internet has opened a good number of opportunities. Now it is possible to reach global audience at very affordable prices. This is great for those looking for effective and affordable means to grow their business.

What are the things required for a good online presence?

  1. A good website – it has to be marketing ready, responsive, beautiful and a great presentation for your online visitors.
  2. Integrate Google Analytics to review your website data on periodic basis. This will help you check your website performance.
  3. Google Listing – It is a way to put your business on Google Maps. It will help if you have a shop, a gallery or offer some classes.
  4. Social Network – Having business accounts on all good social networks will help you to connect with right people.
  5. Broadcasting – share business updates from time to time through your network to bring traffic to your site and get new customers.
  6. Add email marketing to reach relevant audience.
  7. Stay ahead – check your competition, innovate new strategies to stay on top of search listings.
  8. Learn and Adapt – try things in a different way, think out of the box and go creative to capture attention.

Now, there are many more things that you can learn only by experience which does take time.

If you want to succeed and have little time then consider getting professional services.

What we offer: We offer custom made websites, social networking, broadcasting, sharing of movies, presentations, etc under the same roof.


  • Custom made Dynamic website ( All content to be provided by you)
  • Free email account.
  • Creation of Social Network Pages
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Sharing updates
  • Creating and Sharing Videos, Presentations and Pdfs


  • Top search ranks on the internet
  • Connect with customers directly
  • Create brand value and recognition
  • Sell more.

Check our work ,

Our prices: Rs.30000/- pm

Contract period: 1 year

Payment terms: full advance

If you have any queries please Contact at +91 9899379529.

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