Art Gallery Promotion

Art Gallery Promotion

Getting business is always about reaching the right people. Internet is the new market place and if your art gallery is on top of search results then it is bound to get relevant online visitors, views on your webpages and customer queries.

The question is how to be on top of search listings on the internet? Is there is a reliable and effective way to promote your art gallery without spending a lot? The answer is Yes!

India Art Gallery is a unit of Digital Marketing Services India – our website is

We are experts at internet marketing and promote anything and everything online. India Art Gallery is our project that works exclusively for artists and art galleries.

If you want to promote your art gallery there are 2 option listed below.

Option – 1: We can list your Art Gallery on this website and promote it across all India Art Gallery social networks. We will create videos, presentations etc and share on our wide network and also give you 1 whole year of marketing for FREE! This will certainly deliver more views.The cost is just Rs.20000/- pa

Option – 2: We can make a separate website for your gallery and promote it online for you. This will include creation of social network accounts, presentations, movies and 1 whole year of marketing to ensure that your gallery comes on top of all search listings online. This option is good if you want your own website. The cost is just Rs.30000/- pm

The advantages:

  • Excellent marketing for top search ranks
  • Good online traffic and relevant views for more customer queries
  • Create a brand and add to value
  • Reliable and affordable services
  • 12 month contract period
  • One time payment – totally hasslefree

If you have questions, feel free to get in touch with us. You can be assured that our services are reliable and prices lowest in the market. Call at +91 9899379529 or fill contact form to get in touch with us.

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