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India Art Gallery is an initiative to promote artists in India. My name is Sameer Mehta and ART is my passion. I am a marketing professional specializing in digital marketing. It was in 2010 and then again later in 2012, while doing Vipassana( a meditation program) that brought to surface a deep desire to create sculptures. Having no experience, I decided to look for courses and finally reached Triveni Kala Sangam. Ms.Saroj Jain, the department head gave me a chance to attend her classes, even though it was only for ladies.

India Art Gallery

The sculptures i created surprised her and even myself. Through the sessions, as my creativity poured on to mundane mass of clay, it transformed into beautiful pieces of art. Noone could believe that i had no previous training or experience in making sculptures. For me it was sheer meditation. I grew calm and silent. I attended the classes for 3 months only as I my work demanded more of my time. It was a time of struggle, but Ms.Jain’s love and kindness left a good mark on me.

Background – India Art Gallery

I stayed in touch with her over the years and when she asked me to help promote artists, I took upon another journey which finally established India Art Gallery. Initially, I created social networks to encourage artists to submit and publish their works online, but it met with little success. Very few artists used the channels i created. Ms.Jain told me that artists don’t understand internet and marketing and i need to market them all by myself to help them reach the masses and showcase their works.India Art Gallery was born with an idea to help artists. India Art Gallery is a platform for the artists to present themselves, their creative works and connect with the world via efficient online marketing.

Promotions – India Art Gallery

India Art Gallery promotes artists by listing their profile on the site. It has an Art Gallery to show case their creative works and an Art Shop to connect with art connoisseur and sell the works online. India Art Gallery also features an Events page to list and promote events hosted by fellow artists. The marketing is spread across all networks via presentations, movies and PDFs, reaching out to large number of online visitors and bringing them back to the India Art Gallery.

For artists, India Art Gallery presents a platform to market themselves to the world. They can register and pay a nominal amount to get promoted. For art lovers, it is an oasis of creativity and also an place to connect with some amazing artists.

If you have queries please fill our contact form ( on contact us page) or call at +91 9899379529

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