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Welcome to! It is a free to use website for Artists across India. You may Register to create your free profile and Login to start sharing your works with the world. At India Art Gallery you can publish your profile, post updates about your work, connect with fellow artists, send messages, share your creative works, etc. It is an Art Community for those who are passionate about art or practice any form of artistic expression.

Artist Registration and Promotions

India Art Gallery promotes artists by listing their profile on the site. It has an Art Gallery to show case their creative works and an Art Shop to connect with art connoisseur and sell the works online. India Art Gallery also promotes events hosted by fellow artists. The marketing is spread across all networks via presentations, movies and PDFs, reaching out to large number of online visitors and bringing them back to the India Art Gallery.

For artists, India Art Gallery presents a platform to market themselves to the world. Our marketing services are available to all artists for a very nominal amount. For art lovers, India Art Gallery is an oasis of creativity and also an place to connect with some amazing artists.

Article Submission Form

India Art Gallery invites you to join this vibrant community and share news, views and reviews of all things ART.  Artists can share their profile, background, inspiration, work medium and showcase their creative expression using the form given below. This facility is Free. Artists can also submit updates on events, shows, exhibitions and creative works they wish to sell.

Submission Guidelines:

At India Art Gallery we follow certain quality parameters to ensure that each submission is proper. You are requested to follow the guidelines mentioned below for best results.

  1. Ensure that your posts are at least 300 words and a good read. Don’t just copy paste. Be creative. People like to read interesting articles. So be genuine, write heart to heart and connect with visitors.
  2. Don’t write essays. Mention things point by point. It keeps things easy to understand.
  3. Before you rush to hit submit, review your article, spellings and grammar. Poor communication is a big turn down for most people.
  4. Include the best of pics in your post. Good pics make good impression while dark, out of focus or poor pics drive the visitors away.
  5. Don’t forget to include your phone no., email id, your address and your website link in the post. This will help people to connect with you.
  6. Don’t post multiple posts for same thing. Don’t spam, Don’t copy. We delete such posts.

Well now that we know what to do and what not, lets go ahead and make an awesome post that will bring in great views and reviews. All the best!

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