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In modern age, the biggest challenge an artist faces is to gain recognition. Booking exhibitions and hosting events costs a great deal of money and brings limited exposure depending on venue, number of days and media coverage. Putting works on sale in various galleries for a commission is the usual trend. While there are a lot of galleries that have mushroomed in every nook and corner, very few in reality have the clientele to generate sales.

However, there are other means that have gained a better strategic value to help promote Artists. Internet has opened the doors to the world and it is now possible to present your works to an ever growing online audience all year round for a fraction of price, without worrying about commissions or living with the fear of getting your works copied, stolen or sold without your knowledge.

An excellent online presence can create good brand value for artists and improve recognition & value of works. It is a win win situation where India Art Gallery leads the way for supporting artists create a dominating presence online.

India Art Gallery is an online website and network which has a single objective – to promote artists across India through digital marketing. At India Art Gallery artists can publish their profile, works for sale, connect with buyers directly and make a sale without paying any commission. India Art Gallery has an Art Shop where you can present your creative works and offer on sale. There is an online Gallery where you can host an exhibition online. India Art Gallery also promotes events hosted by fellow artists.

The marketing is spread across all networks via presentations, movies and PDFs, reaching out to large number of online visitors and bringing them back to the India Art Gallery.

For artists, India Art Gallery presents a platform to market themselves to the world. Our marketing services are available to all artists for a very nominal amount. For art lovers, India Art Gallery is an oasis of creativity and also an place to connect with some amazing artists.

If you are an artist and wish to showcase your work to the world then contact us. Our services are available at a very nominal price.

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